The Tyre Dressing


Product Description

Large 500ml bottle with trigger head – spray and mist functions fro accuracy and ease of use.

The Tyre Dressing is a superb way of bringing your tyres back to life and making them look great to compliment the rest of your vehicle.

Our product dries quickly to avoid common ‘ splashes ‘ on your bodywork and is completely customizable – one coat provides a clean matte finish, keep adding costs to increase the depth and shine to a full glossy ‘ wet ‘ look – you decide how you want your tyres to look, not the product.

The Tyre Dressing can be applied with a sponge or cloth -  spraying the product onto a cloth and then wiping onto the tyres to avoid excessive application of application to wheels, brakes or body.

The effect is immediate. And, depending on personal preference, further layers of dressing can be applied to increase the amount of gloss.

The product must not be applied to treaded surfaces of the tyre, or any form of motorcycle, scooter and bike tyres.