The Paint Detailer


Product Description

Large 500ml can with trigger spray featuring spray or mist functions.

The ultimate detailer, superior gloss and ease of use for amazing results.
An easy way to bring back the shine is by using Kleers The Paint Detailer.

Rather than going through the complete waxing process, simply mist a light applicaton over the car’s paintwork and using a microfibre cloth, buff to an incredible glossy shine with this innovative detailer solution, is all that’s needed to restore that ‘just-polished’ look.

It also serves to remove any stray watermarks that might have remained after washing and is an ideal lubricant for a clay bar.

This product is non-smearing and safe to use on rubber and plastic components

Contains silcone – not for use on windows or brakes – want a non-silicone based detailer? try The Microfibre Mist Spray