The Finishing Wax


Product Description

Large 500ml bottle with screw cap
A no-compromise premium wax that produces great results –  our number one selling product


  • Contains PTFE for long life high gloss finish and increase durability
  • Highly anti-static
  • Dust free removal
  • Will not mark rubber or plastic trims with white residue
  • Can be used in damp conditions and direct sunlight – superb for black paintwork
  • Helps prevent bird dropping damage
A no-compromise premium quality wax that produces great results to all paint finish types.
Probably the most important item in any car care range is a high quality finishing wax. Kleers knows this and, by developing a unique blend of Carnuba wax and synthetic resins, we have created a product that surpasses expectations to give your car an absolutely stunning level of gloss.
It’s easy to apply – and even easier to remove – and just one application will produce excellent results on all paint types, including modern water-based and metallic finishes.
For a deeper, longer-lasting shine, multiple or quarterly applications are recommended.
Contains no chalky fillers to ensure it will not leave white marks or dust on any of your vehicles rubber/plastic trimmings.