The Carbon UV Protector


Product Description

50ml bottle, 4 special fabric/plastic impregnated application cloths – suitable product quantity to cover a large area such as a hood.
The use of Carbon Fibre is becoming more and more prevalent with car manufacturers and modifiers, with a wide range of aftermarket body panels now available.

Use Carbon UV Protector as a specialist treatment to prevent damage caused by UV – simply apply the product to the surface and work in, leave to dry and buff away any excess, leaving an invisible protective layer which is effective for between 3-6 months depending on the light source in your area.

Independently laboratory tested and proven, Carbon UV Protector is a must-have item to ensure that your carbon parts do not deteriorate.

UV Rays effect untreated panels which are shown visually as faded and patchy in appearance, or even yellowing or in extreme circumstances, cracking – all of which are caused by UV Rays penetrating and breaking down the resin within a panel.

Kleers Carbon UV Protector can be used on clear coated wet lay or dry carbon panels.