Soapy Detailing Cloth


Product Description

1 pack which contains 4 large soapy cloths. Each cloth can be cut into 4 for amazing value and cleaning.
Supplied as a pack of four, these handy preimpregnated cloths simply require dipping in a clean bucket water and watch them come alive.

Once wet, this durable and tough disposable cloth will discharge a powerful soapy lather that helps remove dirt and grime and can be used instead of ruining a sponge, mitt or chamois.

Ideal for areas that are inherently dirty, such as: wheels, under body sills, tail pipes and the engine compartment – all the mucky areas that require deep cleaning without ruining your bodywork cloths/sponge or mitts.

Once used, simply throw them away.

As a guide one large cloth can be cut into 4 and each of the sections is sufficient to cleaning one wheel with vigor.