Silver Interior Purifier


Product Description

150ml aerosol can with captive application nozzle for one-time use inside your vehicle.
While traditional air fresheners do their best to overcome odours that ingress the passenger compartment, it is unlikely they will last for long or kill any of the bacteria that is often the cause of unwanted smells.

Kleers innovative The Silver Interior Purifier spray does just this and targets the bacteria at source, whether generated by animals, cigarettes, food or damp – it penetrates your heater and air conditioning pipework and systems as well as all interior surfaces in your vehicle.

One can equals one treatment and remains effective for up to six months – simple leave your engine running, close all windows and doors, put the air conditioning on full recirculate [ or heater on full if you don't have air-con ], push the captive lid and allow the can to disperse its entire contents into the air and surfaces of your car interior.

Leave your air-con or heaters on full for 15 minutes and then open your car and leave to naturally air dry after wiping up any excess product.

The result will be a fresh, clean and bacteria-free environment within your car and all air systems.

Not to be confused with air fresheners or sprays which hide smells – our product contains Silver Ion which kills the bacteria that cause the smells, it does not mask them.