Motorsport Product Range

No sooner had Kleers launched Their range of market leading car care products in spring 2010, they began to develop a brand new range designed specifically for motorsport applications.

Surprisingly, motorsport is a sector that has never been directly targeted by car care product manufacturers and Kleers now leads the way in developing new lines to fulfil the needs of competitors, teams and car owners. With our company founders involved with motorsport for many years, Kleers identified first-hand the need for a product range that was specifically tailored to take into account the unique requirements within Motorsport.

Kleers Halo product from the Motorsport Range is Aero Performer – the surface drag reduction and marble repelling treatment designed for aero-sensitive racing cars.

Already, Kleers Motorsport products are being used by some of the world’s leading team’s in some of the world’s most prestigious events, including F1 Grand Prix, the World Rally Championship, the World Endurance Championship, Le Mans, Stock Cars, Grand Am, ALMS, Touring Cars and a range of high profile GT championships – to name but a few.

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