Exterior Product Range

At Kleers we keep things simple – we make the best product we can for a particular purpose and add it into our range. That is why you only see one product for a purpose, we don’t need multiple shampoos and waxes, we have perfected each so you only need to buy one to be safe in the knowledge you can expect excellent use and performance from each bottle.

Our products are bottled in 50ml [ Carbon UV Protector ] and 250ml and 500ml depending on the product use. For example if its a product that you may not use in big quantites, you’ll find it in a 250ml bottle whereas more frequently used products are in a larger 500ml.If you are price conscience and like to compare our prices with other manufacturers, you should note 500ml is normally a larger quantity of product than offered by our competitors. Of course, regardless of size you will only find Kleers in a bottle of Kleers.

Each bottle is made from aluminium which is 100% recyclable – just like our products inside them, the bottles themselves are special – sourced from Switzerland to ensure quality and long-term use in your garage.

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